We have acted as Broker/Consultant for the following:

Vineland Kosher Poultry
Chap A Nosh
Consilidated Environment Co.
Sport Stamp Collectors
Masel Supply Co. Corp.
Drimmer's, Inc.
The Harry Walker Agency
Talkline Communication, Inc. (Zev Brenner)
Key Food Supermarkets

Community Telephone, Inc.
Morton's Army & Navy
Harmony Video & Electronics
Allied Dynamics, Corp.
Broad Capital Associates
Contact Press Images
Systems Research & Diagnostics
Caring Professional, Inc.
Zbest Consulting Group

Government Agencies:
The Government of Columbia Embassy

Physicians - Dentists:
Eli Eilenberg, M.D
Alvin D. Leb, M.D
Elizabeth Jacobs-Pinson,Phd.
Jacob M. Scheiner, DDS
Eli Inzlicht-Sprei, M.D
Firworker and Krupka, DDS

Alan Rothberger, M.D
Hylton Lightman, M.D
David Rhein, M.D
David Garfinkel, M.D
David Diamond/Ben Zion Krieger, M.D's

Prospect Park Yeshiva
Torah Academy for Girls
Yeshiva of Far Rockaway
Yeshiva of Manhattan Beach
Bais Yaakov of Brooklyn
Yeshiva of Brooklyn
Bais Medrash L'Torah

Yeshiva R'Tzabd
Yeshiva Darchei Torah
Sho'or Yoshuv Institute
Yeshiva Torah Temimah
Yeshiva Gedolah of Bayonne
Yeshiva Ketana of Bensonhurst
Crossroads School for Child Development

Research Groups:
Bais Hatalmud
Yam Hatalmud

Kollel of Far Rockaway
Kollel Avraichem

Synagouges/Religiopus Institutons:
Aish Hatorah/Discovery
Colel Chabad
Cong. Bais Mifal Yosef
Cong. B'Nai Yosef

Center for Jewish Culture
The Jewish Center (NY)
Manhattan Beach Jewish Center
Center for Return