About Us

You have two simple criteria when evaluating the success or failure of your employee benefits program:

1. Did I save money?
2. Are my employees happy with this program?

These two criteria often times seem to be at odds. The reality is a high quality employee benefits program helps attract and retain desirable employees. The challenge is lower costs for better benefits. At Crown Consulting Corporation, we understand the need to control these expenses while at the same time balance the needs of your employees and their families.

Crown Consulting Corporation is a national employee benefits consulting firm that was established in 1996 to specialize in the management and design of employee benefits. With over 25 years of experience in the employment benefits field, we are equipped and experienced to handle all types of clients and all levels of benefits.

These benefits include group health insurance, disability insurance, life insurance and retirement plans. As custom plan designers, we prepare the blueprints and help design a plan of benefits that fit your specific needs rather than the needs of the insurance company. Our resources are focused on helping you balance the financial integrity of your program with the human resources needed to recruit and retain a highly skilled workforce.